Present your case of good practice and strengthen your image in public!

IRDO (the Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility) and PRSS (the Slovenian Association for Public Relations), under the auspices of the President of the Slovenian Republic, Borut Pahor, publish their call for granting the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility once a year (already from 2009 on).  This is done in co-operation with numerous other interested professional organisations.

With the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility – HORUS 2014 – we wish to award holistic approaches to social responsibility (SR). SR means a lot more than charity; it is honesty beyond that required by legislation, and without abuse.

The HORUS Award is intended for companies and institutes in Slovenia, which are aware of their SR and include SR in their work: in relation to the environment, to their employees and other company stakeholders, business partners and the wider social environment – and in product and service development. It is essential that social responsibility is included in the strategic management of organisations (companies, institutes, associations) and in their business practices.   This is also true in a time of crisis, as SR yields benefits in the long run.

In November 2010 the Standard on social responsibility ISO 26000 was released. It includes seven topics, which were already included in the HORUS Award at the time of its inception in 2009. Both concepts that link them were also covered – the interdependence of subjects, measures, people and their organisations – and the holistic approach to these.

We are glad to see more and more companies in Slovenia responding to our call; this year we hope to also welcome institutes. Filling out the questionnaire will help create your own strategy of social responsibility and business excellence. We are certain there are many companies and institutes matching the HORUS criteria in Slovenia; that is why we are looking forward to presenting your achievements in the development of SR.

We are inviting you to respond to our call for the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility, HORUS, with your examples of good practices.

For Slovenians abroad we have prepared a special recognition award for an entrepreneur with Slovenian roots but located outside Slovenia.   For more information, click here.