Who can apply for the Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS?

The call is aimed at enterprises (micro, small, medium, large, and social enterprises) and institutions, entrepreneurs with Slovenian roots, doing business outside Slovenia, and journalist, as well as other organizations and individuals who practice social responsibility. We are searching for and awarding comprehensive (requisitely holistic) approaches to social responsibility practiced by legal entities and individuals.

How to apply to the call?

Companies can respond to the call for the Slovenian award for social responsibility HORUS through the application form, which is a part of the call documentation. Applicants must include all mandatory components, documents and statements, which are proescribed in the call documentation. An application which does not have all mandatory components will be considered incomplete and will be rejected. Application submission means the applicant agrees with all criteria and conditions of the call.

Applications must be submitted with a signature, in one printed and one electronic version (CD with application form and attachments, which can be only partially scanned – for example covers, indexes), in a sealed envelope, which has on the front label: “Do not open – Call application – Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS 2017”.  Name and address of the applicant should be on the back of the envelope. For special recognition are special conditions. Please take a look Call for Special recognitions.

When is the application deadline for HORUS 2017?

To meet an application deadline, you must submit your application materials by 19th of October 2017.

What is the evaluation process?

Evaluation of submitted applications takes place at two levels in two separate rounds of evaluation. The two level evaluation commission boards are composed of established professionals who work on social responsibility, and other representatives of partner organisations.

Members of both Commissions and their president are proposed by project partners and confirmed by the experts and organising board of the HORUS Award. The mandates of the commission president and members of both commissions of the HORUS Award last till the end of the current year for which they were nominated. The project of granting the Award is concluded when all appeal deadlines expire and all appeals are resolved. 

Who are the HORUS laureates so far?

The list of all who recieved the Horus award so far, can be found here.

Why the name HORUS?

HORUS is a god which represents the higher consciousness about the planet Earth and is responsible for human development; that is why he was chosen as a symbol for the Slovenian social responsibility award.

HORUS is one of the ancient and most famous Egyptian gods. The Egyptian word “her” (hor, har), from which the name origins, means “the one from above” or “distant one”. In mythology, HORUS was presented as a divine falcon. It is also symbolically presented as a stylized eye – the symbol of the falcon eye. The eye has become a symbol for integrity, health, firmness and perfection.