Project HORUS organisers

IRDO –Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility

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IRDO was established as a non-profit organization in 2004 with the goal of systematically researching and promoting the development of social responsibility (SR) in Slovenia, and thus to actively contribute to the development of SR in Slovenia and abroad. IRDO’s activities include research, consulting, education, information, promotion, publishing and charitable works. Researching SR on an interdisciplinary, holistic and systematic basis is carried out at its scientific research centre. IRDO’s approximately 100 members are interested in the positive and negative impacts of social responsibility, the comparison of research and theoretical backgrounds with practical experiences – in legislation, economics, welfare, preservation of the environment, etc. IRDO analyzes conditions in Slovenia and compares them with conditions abroad.

The IRDO Institute, in cooperation with the Styrian Chamber of Commerce and other professional associations and partners, organises a conference each year on “Social responsibility and challenges of time”. The first was in 2006. For the first two years we were honoured to have the conference under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Slovenia, Dr. Janez Drnovšek – and subsequently our current President Dr. Danilo Türk. The conference features several Slovenian and foreign speakers discussing social responsibility from different angles: government, ethnic, entrepreneurial, media, education, and research. Every year we publish the conference proceedings, which is (with abstracts) available for free on, where you can also find more information about the IRDO Institute.

In 2009, IRDO established the first Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS, in co-operation with its partners (PRSS and others).

Slovenian Association for Public Relations – PRSS (1st supporting partner)

logo PRSS

The Slovenian Association for Public Relations, ( is a professional, non-profit, voluntary and independent non-government national association of professionals in public relations, organisational communication and communication management. This Association allows its members to interpret, form and realize their special interests and goals in these fields.

PRSS develops and exercises professionalism in public relations, trains experts in PR, connects members, encourages experience exchange, and professional-research achievements in Slovenia and internationally. It is also involved in the work of foreign professional institutions and international projects. It cares for professional and quality activities in public relations to the benefit of its members and society.

The aim of the Association’s ‘Section for the promotion of social responsibility’, is to raise the level of social responsibility in Slovenian companies and other organisations, especially their own members and professionals in public relations. They also want to contribute to better understanding of the social responsibility concept in Slovenia, and encourage action in this field. Initiative has to come from the core of public relations professionals. That is why PRSS raises awareness within its members and encourages them to spread the concept of social responsibility in companies and other organisations. It endeavours to educate them, and above all present them with the possibilities that social responsibility brings to companies and organisations. The task of public relations professionals lies in helping management understand social topics that concern their public.