Awardees of the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS 2016 are known

(Maribor, December 9, 2016) IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility and PRSS – Slovenian Association for Public Relations, in partnership cooperation with a number of professional interest organizations, announced on the 9th December 2016 in the Knights’ hall of the Maribor castle in Maribor, the recipients of the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS 2016.

To qualify for the finalist candidates needed to score 51 % or more points in the first round of evaluations. The winners, following the selection of the Evaluation Committee, are:

Awardees of the HORUS 2016 award for strategic integrity of legal entity: In the category ‘institutions and other companies’ the award HORUS 2016 was attained by: AJPES – Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services, among the micro enterprises: IDentiks kartični sistemi d.o.o., small enterprises: Saubermacher – Komunala Murska Sobota d.o.o., among the mid-sized enterprises: SNAGA, družba za ravnanje z odpadki in druge komunalne storitve, d.o.o.. PRESS recognition: Javno podjetje Komunala Brežice d.o.o.. Recognition for a PROJECT: among the micro enterprises: Contall d.o.o., among the large enterprises: Lidl Slovenija d.o.o. k.d..  The general HORUS recognition was granted to: Jurček Nowakk, dr. Danica Purg, dr. Tanja Bagar. The special HORUS award and recognition for the entrepreneur with Slovenian roots working abroad was granted to: John Doma, Canada. The Horus Platinum Award 2016, was granted to Prof. Emeritus Matjaž Mulej, PhD., PhD.. #