HORUS 2020: The 12th awards ceremony took place virtually this year

Today in Maribor, companies, organizations and individuals were awarded the Slovenian Social Responsibility Awards – HORUS.

(Maribor, Slovenia, EU – December 3, 2020) This year’s awards and recognitions within the Slovenian HORUS 2020 Award for Social Responsibility were presented today in Maribor at a virtual ceremony. Organizer of the event is IRDO – Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, together with several support partners. Thus, the partners want to find and reward comprehensive approaches of companies and individuals to social responsibility and sustainable development. The honorary sponsor of the award is Aleksander Saša Arsenovič, Mayor of the Municipality of Maribor.


By 28 October 2020, 14 applications had been received for the HORUS 2020 call, of which six applications were received for the Strategic Award category, four applications for the Project Award and four applications for Special Awards. Applications were sent for evaluation in November to 19 independent experts, who were appointed from among the organizers, project support partners, experts and other professionals. The evaluation took place in two rounds, in order to be among the finalists, the candidates had to collect at least 51% of all possible points, which means that they actually competed with themselves, regardless of the number of candidates in the category. One of the candidates did not make it to the finals. Emphasis was placed on comprehensive approaches to social responsibility, activities and monitoring the impacts. The judging panel announced 13 finalists and awarded five stone prizes (strategic prizes), three prizes in the form of drawings (projects) and several special awards. The prizes and awards themselves will be received by the winners and the finalist in person and / or by post in the following days.


The strategic award Horus 2020 in the category of for-profit legal entities was received by Press Clipping d.o.o., Nil d.o.o. and Nova kreditna banka Maribor d.d.. In the category of non-profit legal entities, the Horus 2020 strategic awards were received by Zdravstveni dom Radeče and Javno podjetje Komunala Slovenj Gradec d.o.o., and the finalist was also the Faculty of Design (independent higher education institution, associate member of the University of Primorska).


SSI Schaefer d.o.o. received the award for the Horus 2020 project in the category of for-profit legal entities, and so did the Faculty of Design in the category of non-profit legal entities (independent higher education institution, associate member of the University of Primorska). The Maribor Horticultural Society was a finalist. There were no proposals for awards in the category of journalists. Special recognition in the general category was received by: mag. Danilo Burnač, Jurček Nowakk, Boris Krabonja and Marko Rakovnik.

The President of the Evaluation Committee of the Horus 2020 Award was Monika Rajšp, who said at the award ceremony: “The work of the Evaluation Committee took place in two rounds, we evaluated independently, 19 evaluators participated. The work was done professionally and on time, for which I sincerely thank all the participating evaluators. ”The members of the evaluation committee who did the work voluntarily were: Jože Gornik, Matej Mušič, Jana Petkovšek Štakul, Natalie C. Postružnik, M.Sc., Karidia Toure Zagrajšek, Alenka Zelenič, Vinko Nedelko, Tatjana Šeneker, Viviana Žorž, M.Sc., Danijela Kocuvan, M.Sc., Saša Vidmar, Vesna Lešnik Štefotič, M.Sc.,  Simona Roškar, M.Sc., Nataša Čebulj, Jože Smole, Lan Wudler, Marija Gale, M.Sc., Breda Vodopija.

Since 2009, 40 professional interest organizations and media, co-financiers have participated in the Horus project, more than 90 experts from various fields have evaluated, more than 190 different candidates have participated – from companies, institutions, non-governmental organizations, to individuals. Since the creation of the Horus award Marko and Marika Pogačnik have been creating unique works of art, full of positive vibes, intended to promote the successful work of HORUS award winners. This created a mosaic of knowledge, values ​​and cooperation, which strengthens the development of social responsibility in Slovenia.

Professor Emeritus, two-time scientific Doctor Matjaž Mulej, President of the IRDO Expert Council and President of the Horus Award Expert-Organizing Committee, told those present at the award ceremony: “In 2020, the situation is significantly different from recent years. All humanity, as Slovenian and international sources inform us every day, is blocked due to a pandemic of a new virus, which until now was not known to medical, economic, social or natural scientists, including microbiologists. Science, of course, is not science at all if it knows what it is about; much less it is science if it knows the solution. Science may have only a hunch about both. With them, of course, practitioners, to whom science gives a basis for sensible behavior, cannot help much. They have to help themselves on their own. They browse through their experiences, looking for similarities between past and present events.” More about this is published in Horus 2020 proceedings, where the finalists of this competition are also presented: https://www.horus.si/zbornik2020/index.html.

The award would certainly not have been possible if it had not been supported for many years by many support partners, such as: Slovenian Public Relations Association, Slovenian Employers ‘Association, Manager Association, Styrian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce, Slovenian Marketing Association, Journalists’ Association of Slovenia, the Slovenian Association of the United Nations for Sustainable Development, the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, the Center for Information, Cooperation and Development of Non – Governmental Organizations, the Association of the Social Economy of Slovenia and others. This year the project is co-financed by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth. The clipping partner is Press Clipping.


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