HORUS 2021

The 13th Call for the HORUS 2021 award has been published

The competition for the Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility Horus 2021 is open from 2 July to 15 October 2021.

(Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe, 5.7.2021) IRDO – The Institute for the Development of Social Responsibility, in cooperation with many support partners, has published the thirteenth competition for the Horus 2021 – Slovenian Social Responsibility Award.  For Horus 2021 award can apply businesses, institutions, non-profit and other organizations, local communities, public law entities, journalists and individuals acting in a socially responsible manner. The organizers reward the comprehensive approaches of legal entities and individuals to social responsibility and sustainable development. The questionnaire for applicants is designed in accordance with the standard for social responsibility ISO26000: 2010 and other current European and Slovenian guidelines. A seminar for applicants will be organized on 15 September, applications are being collected until 15 October this year, and prizes will be awarded on 10 December 2021.


This year, companies of all sizes and shapes and other organizations, including public institutions, can compete for the HORUS 2021 strategic award. The categories are: Award for Integral Strategic Approach of a Legal Entity (for the strategic approach of companies and organizations to social responsibility) and Recognition for the project (for the participation of business, education and youth) have been announced. Two more calls for special awards have been published, where there is no registration fee: Special award to an individual working in the context of social responsibility, and Special award to a journalist.

Social responsibility is a tool to achieve sustainable development in line with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals set out in 2015 by the United Nations in its 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. From 2017, Slovenia also follows this agenda with its Development Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia until 2030 and other strategic orientations. Also, from 2019, the EU focus its attention on the green transition and digitalisation, which the Republic of Slovenia includes in its strategic documents and support to various stakeholders.

The main advantage of participating in the competition for the Slovenian Horus 2021 Award for Social Responsibility is that with a specialized questionnaire harmonized with the guidelines of the Standard for Social Responsibility ISO26000: 2010 and other current documents on social responsibility, applicants can analyse the situation in this area in their enterprise or organization. They can also more easily prepare their future (renewed) strategy of social responsibility and sustainable development in their organization, and also obtain the opinion of independent experts on the state of social responsibility in the legal entity.


Corporate social responsibility brings a competitive advantage to companies and means that all organizations must be aware of and report on their impact on the community and the natural environment, not only with economic but also with environmental and social indicators. From 2017, large companies in the EU, including Slovenia, must report on non-financial aspects of their operations in their annual reports. “Because we are aware of the advantages of the strategic approach of legal entities and the inclusion of social responsibility in their business practice, in 2009 we have developed and published for the first time a call for the Slovenian Horus Award for Social Responsibility. We have been awarding Horus every year since 2009, as it brings many benefits to companies and other organizations,” said Prof. Emeritus Matjaž Mulej, PhD., PhD., President of the Expert-Organizing Committee of the Horus Award, when announcing the tender.

If the organization acts socially responsible, its reputation and profit increase, as well as higher productivity and innovation of employees, there is less absenteeism and fluctuations. It is easier for the organization to acquire new staff, new business partnerships, business. Its cooperation with the local community, suppliers, etc. is better. The company’s reputation in the community and mutual cooperation with the community increases, and the organization also has more media publicity and better visibility.

The organizers invite companies and other organizations to apply for the Slovenian Horus 2021 Award for Social Responsibility. The call is published here.

The call for all categories is open until October 15, 2021, so the organizers invite all interested parties to apply as soon as possible and start filling out the questionnaire. The seminar for applicants will take place on 15.9.2021. Namely, social responsibility as a concept encourages the development of the company or organization in the field of employee relations, environment and community, relations on the market, management and relations with customers and suppliers. This strengthens the company’s performance and thus contributes to its competitive advantage. This concept has been practiced abroad for several decades already, and in the last decade it has become a constant practice of successful businesses in Slovenia too. However, the concept is being implemented not only in companies, but also increasingly in public administration and civil society. Thus, it has become the main business trend of successful organizations of all shapes and sizes.

The following organizations join the IRDO Institute as support partners of the project: Public Relations Association (PRSS), American Chamber of Commerce, CNVOS – Institute for Information, Cooperation and Development of Non-Governmental Organizations, Marketing Association of Slovenia, Slovenian Journalists Association, Slovenian UN Association for Sustainable Development, the Association of Social Economy of Slovenia, the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence, the Styrian Chamber of Commerce, the Association of Employers of Slovenia, the Manager Association and others. This year, the project is partly co-financed by the Office of the Republic of Slovenia for Youth. The clipping partner is Press Clipping d.o.o.. #



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