Call for the Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS

The Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS is open to small, medium and large companies and institutes in Slovenia. Each year is Call open for different applicants. Applicants must demonstrate at least one year of activities and projects in the field of social responsibility. These projects should show long-term benefits for employees, the environment, the community, buyers, and others. Applicants should exceed minimal, legally determined business standards. Companies can apply even if their efforts have not been recognised with certificates, awards, and recognitions. Companies and institutes that are applying for the Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS must conform to HORUS standards and must not be subject to legal proceedings, in court ofr by business authorities, because of their operations. A company or institute which does not meet the minimal standards on all levels may not apply for the Slovenian Social Responsibility Award HORUS.

For each year Call is open for Slovenia region and is similar (with some updates) like it was in year 2017.

For information about actual Call for Horus awards please visit Slovene version of this web site. Thank you.

Example of Horus call for applications you can see here, for the year 2017, when we have announced HORUS call for these categories:

A. Call for the Slovenian social responsibility award HORUS for companies and institutions (only in Slovene language), please click here.

B. Call for special recognition in a frame of the Slovenian social responsibility award Horus 2017:

1. For journalist, organizations and individuals (only in Slovene language), please click here.


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See the calls by separate categories and apply as soon as you can!

Key dates

Date Activity
10. 7. 2017 Open Call for Horus 2017 Award
20. 9. 2017 Seminar for Applicants
10. 7. – 27. 10. 2017 Collection of applications for candidates for the award
27. 10. 2017 End of Call = Dead Line for Call Submissions
do 28. 10. 2017 Opening of applications
28. 10. – 8. 11. 2017 Collecting missing documents of applicants
3. 11. – 14. 11. 2017 Jury’s assessment, 1st round
SOON Announcement of nominees for the award
21. 11. – 30. 11. 2017 Jury’s assessment, 2nd round
Začetek decembra 2017 Public presentation of finalists and handing of awards
December 2017 Publication of Award Proceedings including data of candidates

Application form


Companies can respond to the call for the Slovenian award for social responsibility HORUS through the application form, which is a part of the call documentation. Applicants must include all mandatory components, documents and statements, which are proescribed in the call documentation. Anapplication which does not have all mandatory components will be considered incomplete and will be rejected. Application submission means the applicant agrees with all criteria and conditions of the call.

Applications must be submitted with a signature, in one printed and one electronic version (CD with application form and attachments, which can be only partially scanned – for example covers, indexes), in a sealed envelope, which has on the front label: “Do not open – Call application – Slovenian Award for Social Responsibility HORUS 2017”.  Name and address of the applicant should be on the back of the envelope. For special recognition are special conditions. Please take a look Call for Special recognitions.

Deadline for submission of HORUS application is 27th October 2017.

The Commission will consider all applications received by this date at the following  address: IRDO, Preradovičeva ulica 26, SI-2000 Maribor. The application has to be posted by 27th October 2017, registered mail, in a sealed  envelope or e-mailed to (for special recognitions only).  Any applications not  sent registered post by the determined date will not be accepted. Each organisation can submit only one application.


The organisation and implementation of the project the Slovenian social responsibility award HORUS 2017 is determined by (in Slovene language only):

Poslovnik o organizaciji in izvedbi projekta Slovenske nagrade za družbeno odgovornost HORUS

Pravilnik o sestavi in delu komisije za ocenjevanje vlog

Pravilnik o ocenjevanju vlog